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quality asterisk girls

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CAPES [something empowering] Never be too old to learn a new trick. And never be too independent that you can’t afford asking for help. The girls and I learned to grill this weekend. Though it took phone calls to our fathers and other macho men, a few hours and an entire bottle of lighter fluid later, we had ourselves some bbq’d salmon (okay, okay…so maybe it was more smoked than bbq’d).

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] This should never be confused with an addiction, but a trend that comes and goes actually has a name: date-weight. Who knew?

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] The other day, of few of us heard a compliment from a mutual friend. He called us “quality girls”. Instead of taking this as a compliment, I decided to amend his statement. “Quality” sounded so boring and ordinary. And even though he meant it as a compliment, it just wouldn’t do. I decided that we are not just “quality girls”, but we are “quality* girls”, and the asterisk makes the “quality” more mysterious and less boring. Be a quality-asterisk girl. Never boring, always fun.