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March 2015



Purge the joy-less, keep the joy-filled.

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CAPES [something empowering] Having ‘year one’ under my belt as a married lady, I’ve frequently been asked the question:
“What’s been the best thing about marriage so far?” 
Over the past year, I’ve noticed  how my communication towards 860 has changed. There are moments when I’ll hold my tongue (if you know me, you know this is a mini-victory), and others where I’ll catch my self re-wording a phrase or comment.  I don’t do this to mask what I am feeling or want to say, but to re-package it in a way that I know 860 will hear me more effectively.  I know it’s not lovey-dovey-romantic, but working on communication together (a forever project) is awesome.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  Here’s a mid-morning snack I’ve been loving…raw almonds + sea salt + coconut flakes + honey + cacao nibs + olive oil.  Put it all in a food processor, and form into little nuggets.  Super savory and protein packed.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  Here’s a book I’m scared to read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  Why scared?  Because I know the book would set off a few alarms in regards to the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated.  Particularly in the realm of closet space (clothes and shoes).  In one chapter (so I’ve heard), Kondo has the reader assess their things based on joy.  Does the thing bring you joy or not?  If it doesn’t bring you joy, why do you hold onto it?  Purge the joy-less items, keep the joy-filled items.  I think this is a #springcleaning I could get behind.