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March 2010



a year at 29

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I love lists, especially crossing things off the list. so satisfying.
here is my list of 29 things that I hope to accomplish upon entering a new year:
[in no particular order]
1) refrain from saying the word “holler”
2) go to Emerald Downs to see a dog or horse race
3) visit my grandparents more often
4) hike the enchantments
5) convince Ryan and Afton to let me take Cooper to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday
6) let courage teach me to be shy
7) talk less and listen more
8) read more of my assigned readings for graduate school, especially in ethics class
9) look into doing the “S2S” (Seattle to Spokane in one day on a bike)
10) to only take advice from those who’s advice has a good track record
11) to not tell everyone my story, but to invest in a few close friends
12) to enter a karaoke contest
13) to fix the broken light in our condo I’ve been promising Emily I’d fix
14) the sink, too
15) to purchase tickets and plan my trip to Holland
16) to drive north to skagit valley this spring to visit the tulips
17) to wakeboard at least 5 times this summer
18) to do more encaustic art
19) take another cooking class with my mom and Afton
20) to figure out how to get a glassybaby drinker named after me
21) to commute more by bicycle
22) to find a group of cyclists to ride regularly with
23) to pay more attention to the news
24) to pay more attention to how I spend my money
25) to allow myself one more tattoo, but then no more ink after that
26) to not be so concerned with control
27) to take my vitamins and drink more water
28) run another marathon
29) hang out with my nephew and family at least once a week (okay, this one is a gimme, in case I don’t get to the rest, at least I can cross this one off)

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