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March 2015



Purge the joy-less, keep the joy-filled.

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CAPES [something empowering] Having ‘year one’ under my belt as a married lady, I’ve frequently been asked the question:
“What’s been the best thing about marriage so far?” 
Over the past year, I’ve noticed  how my communication towards 860 has changed. There are moments when I’ll hold my tongue (if you know me, you know this is a mini-victory), and others where I’ll catch my self re-wording a phrase or comment.  I don’t do this to mask what I am feeling or want to say, but to re-package it in a way that I know 860 will hear me more effectively.  I know it’s not lovey-dovey-romantic, but working on communication together (a forever project) is awesome.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  Here’s a mid-morning snack I’ve been loving…raw almonds + sea salt + coconut flakes + honey + cacao nibs + olive oil.  Put it all in a food processor, and form into little nuggets.  Super savory and protein packed.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  Here’s a book I’m scared to read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  Why scared?  Because I know the book would set off a few alarms in regards to the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated.  Particularly in the realm of closet space (clothes and shoes).  In one chapter (so I’ve heard), Kondo has the reader assess their things based on joy.  Does the thing bring you joy or not?  If it doesn’t bring you joy, why do you hold onto it?  Purge the joy-less items, keep the joy-filled items.  I think this is a #springcleaning I could get behind.




October 2014



Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen.

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cleverCAPES [something empowering]  Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

I recently started training for another marathon (yup, the Lake Sammamish Invitational).  While injuries might stop me from actually participating, I’m not going to let a mindset of “I can’t” prevent me from trying.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  I recently purchased a Clever and Haribo ceramic grinder.  Yes.  It takes me over 6 minutes to craft a cup of coffee in the morning.  But the taste?  It is worth it.  So so worth it.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  I’ve been thinking about hospitality lately.  Someone is said to be hospitable when you visit them and they’re a good host.  But Jesus’ hospitality was always on the move and out and about…meeting people where they were at, instead of waiting for them to come to him.  I like that.



June 2014



When hopeful-sugar-coated words won’t suffice.

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campgroundCAPES [something empowering] I am two weeks into a Clinical Pastoral Education program (fancy name for “Chaplain Intern”).  The hardest yet most encouraging thing that I have learned so far is that I will never have the right words to say.  When meeting with families and/or patients that are facing hardship, hopeful-sugar-coated words won’t suffice.  People don’t want to hear about the silver lining when there isn’t one.  I’m learning how to provide a “ministry of presence” where no words are necessary.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  There’s a new brewery in town.  And by in town, I do mean one block away.  75-cent Wing Wednesday is a Duncan family favorite.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  860 and I have upped our camping game.  After our third Memorial Day camping trip up north together, we were more prepared to face the northwest elements than ever before.  This summer, we hope to visit a few more rain-free campgrounds east of the mountains.  Currently taking destination suggestions.



March 2014



a marriage with zero expectations.

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umbrellaCAPES [something empowering] The other day a friend asked me, “What is one goal that you’re hoping to accomplish in your first year of marriage?”  And to be honest, I didn’t have an answer for her.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a driven person and I care about our marriage deeply…but we are now one month or so in, and I have yet to set any goals for our marriage.  And that’s actually intentional.  As a self-confessed comparison addict, one thing I’m trying to practice as a newly wed is the art of having zero expectations.  Expectations are a sure way to set up future miscommunication, heartache, and resentment.  #staymarried

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  My husband makes the best chocolate chip cookies.  I just wish he wouldn’t make them so often…because I can’t help eating them by the 1/2 dozen (true story).

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  The original title for this blog was “the 32-year-old virgin,” and I had intended to publish it a few days before our wedding.  But then it sat blank.  In my draft folder.  For about a month.  Maybe it’s a topic that I’ll revisit in another post.  Or maybe all I will say, in my husbands words, “I would not have changed a thing.”



December 2013




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CAPES [something empowering] As someone that loves to receive presents, I’ve found the thing that I love even more: crafting the perfect gift of surprise or act of kindness to give to someone else.  #13DaysOfRainbows is speaking my love language.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  Get your own set of #13DaysOfRainbows cards by clicking here.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] Today marks Day 2 of #13DaysOfRainbows.  Join me in honoring sweet baby Noah by participating in 13 days of acts of kindness.  To find out more, click here or here.



November 2013



concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

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photoCAPES [something empowering] Not only were we designed to work, but it’s a God-given mandate (#amreading “Every Good Endeavor,” by Tim Keller).

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] Now I get it, Alicia Keys.  #NYC is a magical place.  I ran in Central Park every day, ate late-night dinners, attended an amazing “Humanizing Work” conference at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and reveled in the buzz and energy of the city.  Can’t wait to return.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  I recently moved back in with my parents while my condo undergoes some pre-wedding home repairs.  This means I get to participate in “Oma Day” – where my mom watches my nephews twice a week.  Yesterday, upon hearing the arrival of my nephews, I climbed the stairs still in my pajamas, Ugg-footed, and contacts out/wide-rimmed glasses on.  My youngest nephew took one look at me and said: “Auntie Annie, you’re scary.”  He should be commended for honesty.  And put in time out for hurting my feelings.



October 2013



Everything I never knew I always wanted.

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photo-9CAPES [something empowering] When you’re overly consumed with something, it’s an addiction.  Jeff Keuss calls it “worship gone dark.”   Convicting, yet true.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  Speaking of addiction…after 15 years of drinking coffee, I’m finally able to drink french press coffee.  I can’t quite stomach drip yet, but french press is quite delicious.  It’s everything I never knew I always wanted.*

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  Wedding shoes.  They arrived.  And the waiting begins.  96 days and counting.

*If you can tell me where that movie quote is from, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.  No googling.



October 2013




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game dayCAPES [something empowering] #GetUp4Gameday comes to Seattle this Saturday.  If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.  #GoDawgs.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] 

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] Duck tastes better on game day when we play Oregon.  Roasted, seared, fried…#GoDawgs.



September 2013



Speak words of truth in love.

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IMG_7046CAPES [something empowering] When it comes to those that we are in close relationship with, we need to freely speak words of truth in love.  Because if we can’t hear the truth from those that we love the most, than who can we hear it from?  And if we can’t tell the truth to the ones that we love the most, than who are they going to hear it from?

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  SwitchEasy has a new ultra-thin (but ultra-durable) iPhone case that I simply adore.  Why is this case so great?  Well, besides the amazing neon bright color, the case is made out of a polycarbonate material.  Therefore, the case is hard but also rubbery (but not the kind that gets sticky and linty) so it won’t crack.  Can you guess which color I got?

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  My friend texted me this picture.  Can you see what it is??  The woman has a cape on, and is carrying an orange purse…and the magazine is paired nicely with a cup of coffee.  Ree-knee, you are so clever!



August 2013



New uses for old things.

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photo-6CAPES [something empowering] Sometimes I take myself too seriously.  Learn the art of being interruptible.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  The University of Washington Husky Football tickets for the 2013 season arrived in the mail yesterday.  I know at least one person that peed their pants with excitement upon their arrival.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  This week, I found an old sweater hanger from college.  Right before I tossed it, I recognized that it might still have some organizational potential.  It’s new use: keeping my handbags visible and accessible (and away from dark and scary places in the back of my closet).  Yea for new uses for old things.