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June 2014



When hopeful-sugar-coated words won’t suffice.

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campgroundCAPES [something empowering] I am two weeks into a Clinical Pastoral Education program (fancy name for “Chaplain Intern”).  The hardest yet most encouraging thing that I have learned so far is that I will never have the right words to say.  When meeting with families and/or patients that are facing hardship, hopeful-sugar-coated words won’t suffice.  People don’t want to hear about the silver lining when there isn’t one.  I’m learning how to provide a “ministry of presence” where no words are necessary.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  There’s a new brewery in town.  And by in town, I do mean one block away.  75-cent Wing Wednesday is a Duncan family favorite.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  860 and I have upped our camping game.  After our third Memorial Day camping trip up north together, we were more prepared to face the northwest elements than ever before.  This summer, we hope to visit a few more rain-free campgrounds east of the mountains.  Currently taking destination suggestions.



June 2013



Pray for Noah.

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CAPES [something empowering]  Hope is a good thing.  Maybe the best of things.  And no good thing ever dies.*  
–> Pray For Noah.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  If you ever have the chance to stand in the gap for someone, and pray and hope on their behalf, do it.  Chances are, you will need someone to stand in the gap and believe for you at some point.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  The other day, I was praying for Noah, and I found myself trying to strike a deal with God.  I tried to convince God that if he would heal Noah, than I would give him such-and-such.  But God is not transactional.  He is relational.  And he reminded me that he is The Giver of good gifts, and invited me to just ask.  So God, this is me asking.

*Shawshank Redemption