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May 2012



I have come to see all things in the color orange.

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CAPES [something empowering] 860 reminded me today that “God’s timing is perfect.”  I needed to hear that.  And maybe you did too.  

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  The scuba hoodie from Lululemon is one of my favorite articles of clothing.  One morning this past March, I saw an orange hoodie (ORANGE!!) online.  After day dreaming about it all day, I decided I would buy it for myself as a “happy birthday to me” present.  But, it had already sold out completely in the US.  Did that stop my birthday wish?  No way jose.  I tracked one down in some providence Canada that I cannot pronounce, had it shipped to a friend that lives in BC, and then paid her to ship it to me.  Worth the hassle?  Every penny.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] One of my favorite pieces of furniture is my Grandpa Harvey’s old butcher table.  It was distressed before distressed tables were hip and cool.    



December 2011



we are freedom adults, not single adults, thankyouverymuch.

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CAPES [something empowering] Does anyone else hate the term “single adults”? Thanks for defining us by what we are not. I’ve decided to start calling our group “freedom adults”. Join me.*

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] They aren’t just for your 80’s acrylic sweaters…Lately, I’ve been using my $2 lint buster on anything I can get my hands on! I recently reinstated my favorite Lululemon beanie, restored a few pilly wool sweaters, and brushed up my toggle jacket. Goodbye fuzz!

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] I just heard this new tip to avoid razor burn! Simply dust a bit of baby powder on the problem area after you shower for zero burn and zero redness. The powder I use has cocoa butter in it and smells fabulous: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder from Lush.

*While I associate myself with freedom adults, I am in a relationship. Sorry to all my interweb-blogging-hopefuls out there.




July 2011



"They are both good. But together, they are better." (860)

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CAPES [something empowering] Smother: memorize and understand this verb’s definition, and avoid it in all types of friendships and relationships.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] Kate Spade purses are fabulous, but lately I’ve been loving Kate Spade iPhone cases. I have this one, and this one, and my iPhone currently sports the orange giraffe case. To save a buck or two, purchase on

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] With “operation: purge all closets” accomplished, I now have a space dedicated to Lululemon hoodies/jackets. Seeing this color-coordinated section reinforces 2 things: 1) my love for Lulu and 2) why I don’t need more Lulu.

*note 1: a few items are m.i.a…probably in my car…
*note 2: I’m still working on my Lululemon pant section.




January 2010



Don’t do that.

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CAPES [something empowering] Sometimes people talk about you behind your back and it stinks. The temptation is that we then feel entitled to turn around and do the very thing that hurt us in the first place. Don’t do that. You’ll never regret not talking bad about someone.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] I am absolutely addicted to TJ’s tangerine juice. It’s fresh, tangy, bright orange, and I’d rather drink my vitamins than take a pill. Bottoms up!

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] They are here! Lululemon has Olympic Cheer Gear…I wish they had stuff for Holland, but the Swedish gear is pretty fun!