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February 2012



how to avoid chat-chattering

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CAPES [something empowering] Faith and doubt aren’t opposites, but partners. Having faith in someone/something means that, despite a few doubts here and there, you choose to place your trust in them/it. Faith void of doubt isn’t faith at all, but certainty.*

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] On the verge of breaking into your spring wardrobe? Here’s a trick that I used the other night so I could don a cute dress and not freeze: I wore legwarmers on my arms. How did I pull this off? I wore a cute dress with a lightweight jacket. Underneath my jacket were my unseen hot pink legwarmers. All night long, they helped me avoid chattering through my chatting.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] This past week, I went on my first ride-along with 860. One of my favorite moments was witnessing the following conversation between an arrested individual (AI) and 860:
AI: “Hey, umm…I apologize for my impaired stupidity.”
860: “It’s alright…and you do realize that’s a double-negative, right?”
AI: “Uhhh, yea…never mind. Sorry.”

*Andrew Root, “Doubt and Confirmation: The Mentor as Co-Doubter”


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