capes, coffee, & the color orange



July 2012



Just ask.

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CAPES [something empowering] If you never ask for what you want, than you’ll never know if the answer will be yes or no. 

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction]  I know there’s only one more day left in July…but get yourself on over to Cupcake Royale ASAP before this cupcake goes away until July of 2013!  It rivals my favorite (the Pumpkin Maple), and totally deserves a drumroll….Blueberry Brown Betty.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy]  Speaking of blueberries…while my nephew Cooper and I were picking blueberries the other day, he warned me not to step in what looked like a big pile of dirt.  I did anyway (whoops), and it was an ant hill.  The rest of the day I swore I had ants in my pants.  Literally.


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