capes, coffee, & the color orange



February 2010



"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements…even if it leads nowhere?" (Adele)

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CAPES [something empowering] Relationships are always risky. Do yourself a favor and ask the question – “Is it worth the risk?”. If you can’t answer “yes”, then you should question what it is you’re exactly doing in that relationship in the first place.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] I love shoes. These topsiders are my new favorite. They’ll be great for spring/summer, but I’m already breaking them in cause I can’t wait that long.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] I feel like my best ideas come to me when I’m driving or brushing my teeth. Dry erase markers help me put these ideas into action. Besides whiteboards, here are some alternate uses: keep them in your car to write things down on your windshield that you MUST NOT FORGET (like people to call, places to go, etc). Another car use: while you’re driving around town, and happen to see a familiar friend’s car, you can write them a fun note on their driver’s side window, just to let them know you were in the area and thinking of them. They are also handy for your bathroom mirror – write either empowering messages to yourself, reminders, or grocery lists, etc. Happy brainstorming!


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