capes, coffee, & the color orange



October 2010



"The morning wears a veil of rain, above the city I live in…"

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CAPES [something empowering] I have been using “airplane mode” often on my phone. If I’m reading, having coffee with a friend, or in class…it’s a great way to not be distracted or tempted to check who’s called/texted/emailed me. Because during most situations, those things can wait.

COFFEE [latest trend or addiction] A Keane side-project made into awesome: Mt. Desolation.

THE COLOR ORANGE [something noteworthy] Did you know that if you keep the first and last letters the same, your brain will automatically unscramble words? Check it out: You rlealy souhld cechk out Mt. Dsoetiaon bcaeuse teyh wree aewomse lsat nghit.

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